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About the Founder of HOA-Colors

Andrew Himelstieb is the Founder and Full Stack Developer of HOA-Colors. He is originally from Montrose and Ouray, Colorado. After High School graduation in 2005, Andrew worked (while attending college) for his Father Peter, who has been a painting contractor in the Denver Metro area for over 40 years. Peter, along with his wife Ann, came up with an original idea, similar to HOA-Colors, back in 2010 before the tools for creating Deep Learning models were available.

After serving an enlistment in the US Marine Corps (MOS 6492), Andrew moved back home to Colorado to finish a degree in Physics. While in the Marines, Andrew had the brief oppurtunity to try-out and make the USMC Greco-Roman Wrestling Team at 55kgs, just before the weight class was scrapped from the Olympics and major international tournaments in 2013. Before finishing his degree, Andrew left to found HOA-Colors LLC and work on creating the business platform full-time.

As the last born of a set of Identical Triplets, Andrew, and his brothers were the first set to be born at Rose Medical Center, Denver Colorado, in 1986. His identical brothers Tyler & Alex also help out with the company. Among their various contributions, they help with labeling, annotating, and maintaining our custom Dataset used to the train our Deep Learning Model.

A very passionate and intense interest in GNU/Linux and programing has led Andrew to be a long time volunteer with numerous Free Software and Open Source projects including The Plone Foundation and The Fedora Project (a GNU/Linux distribution). He is a Co-Maintainer of the LibrePlanet Denver - CO Group and a long time associate member of the Free Software Foundation & EFF.

Andrew is also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator: call sign KFØUFO with Amateur Extra (advanced level) privileges. You can catch him mostly on DMR, M17, the RMRL repeaters, and Echolink & AllstarLink. He is also a member of ARUFON.