Instant Approval

You no longer need to wait weeks or months
for approval to paint your home.

Your Colors. Approved. Fast.

HOA-Colors is an online service to automate the approval of exterior paint color schemes for Homeowners Associations. We implement Deep Learning technology to allow homeowners to get approval instantly for their desired color scheme.

HOA-Colors is extremely simple to use, both for HOA managers and Homeowners. You can log into our site using an existing social account. Your access to our site is covered by your HOA's subscription, and thus already paid in your existing HOA fees.

We can determine each color scheme for approval by checking rules and regulations that would normally be checked "By hand", and we do this in seconds!

We utilize Deep Learning Technology to automatically detect the current colors of the various parts of your home including trim, accent, and body. You can see your selected color scheme on your home before submitting for approval.

No need to worry about filling out and submitting Architectural Review Forms to your HOA or management company, HOA-Colors creates these forms for you with all required information and proper layout.

This means with our service, you no longer need to wait weeks or months for approval to paint your home, once your HOA has requested you to paint.

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